How to Never Lose a Client – One AMC's Approach

Posted by Shana Garrie on Mar 29, 2021 8:15:00 AM

People – Process – Technology

Remarkably, a 100% client retention rate is achievable. Here at United States Appraisals, it is a badge of honor when you consider the pace of business, the changing lender landscape, the ever-changing regulatory and technology environments, and so many other detractors – remarkable indeed!

So many people ask how we've done it. That made us take an introspective look to not only answer the question but ensure those guiding principles remain embedded in our organizational DNA for the way forward.

Our goal at United States Appraisals is to be the gold standard for appraisal management companies (AMCs). We are a technology company that spent over a decade perfecting how to blend cutting-edge technology and great people to deliver valuations with speed, quality, and the highest levels of customer service.

We spend very little time watching what the competition does. Instead, we focus on what is possible in innovation and technology advancements.


Never lose a client


Technology & Innovation

We employ a full technology team who provides our clients an unprecedented level of attention. We are raising the bar by tailoring a seamless workflow of mobile applications to offering proactive scheduling tools. Want proof of our commitment to innovation and technology?  Our IT staff size is comparable to our operations team.

Clients regularly applaud our continuous stream of technology deployments.   It all begins with our Appraisal Modernization Program (A.M.P.), which encompasses both valuation products and technology. With more and more big-data available, the industry is finding reliable ways to use that data on its own or combine it with technology and the skill and expertise of inspectors and appraisers. Two key examples of technology innovation are Valuguard Home Inspection and Valuation Express.

Valuguard Home Inspection technology enables homeowners to provide property data safely.

United States Appraisals provides the mobile application and its underlying processes to its clients as a solution to the changing valuations landscape and to address the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.   With Valuguard, homeowners exchange property information and images of their property's interior and exterior with appraisers and property data collectors through a secure mobile application. The property data is collected from an intuitive interview-style approach and securely transferred to the United States Appraisals platform, allowing appraisers and data collectors to review and complete appraisal reports in real-time.

Valuation Express, our mobile app for appraisers, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver faster and more accurate appraisals. This platform expedites the first 24 hours of the appraisal process — leading to improved time efficiency and more loan closings. Valuation Express matches the homeowner's preferred inspection times with a professional appraiser in the area and provides real-time communication. Our proprietary Appraisal Tracker keeps everyone in the know by giving easy-to-understand status updates to all stakeholders.

People Empowered

We have a rather rudimentary, yet critical, principle. We truly get to know our clients, their needs, and their expectations. Only then can we effectively build unique and trusting relationships. We are driven by doing what is right, which is very empowering.

We eagerly agree to customized client workflows. We don't just tell each client they are unique. We show them, and we establish and manage the holistic relationship. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to the appraisal business.

A real person will always answer your call, not an impersonal automated phone system. Every client is important to us, and so is every partner. You read that correctly. We hold our partners in the same regard as our employees and clients. How could we not? Our appraiser panel is the backbone of our existence. We hold each other accountable, which results in shared success.


It's all about commitment and deliberate investment in the value chain – our clients, employees, partners, and technology. Some days we may be a little obsessive about it. We just realize there is no finish line. We haven't lost a client, and we never intend to!


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